We are What Works

What we think.

We believe the key to success is collaboration. Putting our clients at the core of our creative process means every decision and creative step is made with the best combination of inspiration and knowledge.

Our multidisciplinary capability means we're able to utilise a wide range of tools and approaches to tackle the branding and design needs of the clients we work with.

What we do.

Brand development, consolidation
& strategy

We develop new brands for companies, products and services. As well as this we can take an existing brand and make sure it can be leveraged in the most effective way. 

The identities we develop let our clients clearly and confidently communicate the stories they want to tell to their customers. And we make sure they have all the tools, materials and processes to support an effective implementation of that vision.

Design & creative direction

Design covers a huge array of possibilities, and exploring possibilities is where our studio thrives. We have expertise across all forms of digital and print design.


Coupled with our creative direction and leadership at What Works we have the ability to provide our clients with the appropriate solution for whatever design needs they may have from website and UX/UI to brochures and presentations.

Insight &

Whether it is conducting interviews with clients, facilitating workshops with employees or running brainstorming sessions with high level stakeholders, we help our clients gain a better understanding of their positioning in their market and where new opportunities may lie.


Using quantitative and qualitative methods, we can capture vital insight and clearly communicate our findings to help them make strategic decisions.

Training &

We facilitate training sessions with clients to help them understand the value of brand assets and how to implement them as well as sessions on topics such as design thinking and how to approach problems more creatively. We are experienced at conducting these sessions in person or remotely and are able to supply supporting training materials such as podcasts, presentations, training videos, etc.

& Strategy

Our experience in innovation, strategy and design thinking means we're able to put together programmes for our clients that help them embed creativity and innovation into the core of their company culture. Whether it's company wide or department focused we can equip them with the tools to help generate and explore new and innovative ideas. 

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